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Enjoy Dinner, You Monster: The Cutting Board

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Wow. Wow. What did your cutting board ever do to you, huh? Have you ever thought about how it feels to be on the other side of that blade? Have you? We didn't think so. What, like atoms don't have feelings? Like material objects are just there for your pleasure, you psychopath?

Hope you enjoy your dinner, you sadist. Hope you remember to clean up after yourself. 



Made with tempered glass, this personalized chopping block is dishwasher-safe and delivers high re-usability as well as resilience. Plus, the 4 rubber dots keeps the board safely in place for all your chopping and slicing tasks.

.: Product has 4 rubber dots for additional stability
.: Tempered Glass Cutting Board
.: Available in two sizes
.: The lighter the design, the more transparent it will appear on the final product