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"Life Is Wild" Tiger Cropped Sweatshirt

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Do you want to know something crazy about tigers?

Literally, EVERYTHING.

They basically are the most intense predators ever. I feel like people are always talking about lions, but have you literally ever listened to a clip of a tiger roar? That sh*t will give you actual nightmares. Like, if lions are the king of the jungle, tigers are its Hannibal Lecter.

First of all, if a tiger decides to kill you, you're done. You can't outrun them. Play dead and they literally might get bored and start to play with your body...using their claws and teeth. They can't be deterred by fire, or by noise; they're indefatigable; they climb, they camouflage, they creep like that one crazy ex on your insta; they can swim like MILES, just to be assholes about the fact that they are better than other cats; they will straight up chase their chosen target for like HALF A DAY, and then, when homegirl/gazelle stops to drink some water and replenish, what do they do? Can you even guess what the tigers do? 

They full on DROWN THEIR VICTIMS, just straight-up HOLD THEIR HEADS UNDER THE WATER like complete psychopaths.

Point is, they are so extra.

With this sweatshirt, you can harness some of that beast mode without the part where you have to stalk people and then become a serial killer. Basically, you can become a metaphorical tiger, where the prey is what you are aiming for, and come hell or high water (literally), you are going to kill it. Even if "it" is your TBR pile. Especially if it is, in fact. 



Specs We Did Not Write And Cannot Vouch For.  As always, let us know

This raglan-cut sweatshirt features contoured seams. The high-quality composition makes it perfect for sublimation printing; all included designs come out looking great.

.: 52% Airlume preshrunk combed ring sun cotton, 48% polyester fleece
.: Medium fabric (7.0 oz /yd² (240 g/m²))
.: Mid-length
.: Relaxed fit
.: Tear-away label